Dancing With Dragons

The Dragon Dance is part of a very old Chinese tradition that sees some of the country’s most talented teams turning inanimate objects into living, breathing monsters. The dragon dance actually shares many similarities to the lion dance and both are seen quite frequently at various festive celebrations throughout the year. One of the most … Continue reading Dancing With Dragons

The Beautiful Game

What once was seen as a popular game for peasants has evolved into arguable the biggest and most well respected sport in the world. Football in its current form can be traced back to English public schools in the eighteen hundreds. As England continued to expand its empire, so the game of football expanded to … Continue reading The Beautiful Game

History Of Blackjack

Anyone familiar with the game of Blackjack knows that the rules are fairly straightforward; have your cards equal to, or lower than, a combined value of twenty one and beat the dealers hand. Go over twenty one and you go bust. Get as close to twenty one as possible and stand, then hope that the … Continue reading History Of Blackjack