The Best Craps Bets

Craps is a classic casino table game loved by millions of players around the world. In land-based casinos, the craps table is usually one of the busiest and the most raucous in the room. To the inexperienced player, the craps table is a complete maze of wagering possibilities with complex lines stretching across the table. … Continue reading The Best Craps Bets

How Dice Can Be Rigged To Cheat

Have you ever seen an official at a casino carefully inspecting dice, often with little gadgets and gizmos? Yes, it’s to ensure that the casino dice are not switched out with loaded dice. I’ve never actually seen what happens if the casino does find loaded dice, but imagine it probably involves gates clanking down over … Continue reading How Dice Can Be Rigged To Cheat

The Many Advantages of Table Games

Compared to the breakneck action of Instant-Win Games like Slots and Keno, Table Games are quite a different animal. There’s a place for both at all casinos, but Table Games deserve their own moment of appreciation. We’re giving it to them right now! Skills- and Strategy-Based Playing Unlike Instant-Win Games, Table Games require thought, understanding … Continue reading The Many Advantages of Table Games

Interesting Mobile Gaming Stats

Let’s look at some interesting and revealing mobile statistics. Firstly, let’s look at who is playing mobile casino games. The demographic of online casino players is quite diverse. Looking at the statistics, it seems mobile gaming is penetrating a wider and wider demographic Around 43% of online casino players are women, with bingo and slots … Continue reading Interesting Mobile Gaming Stats

Are Wearables The Future?

For those not up to date with tech lingo, a wearable refers to a piece of technology that is worn on the body. This includes items such as smart watches, virtual reality goggles, and fitness trackers. A smart phone is not technically a wearable, being that it is held in a pocket, as opposed to … Continue reading Are Wearables The Future?