Earth Day 2018

World Earth Day

We’re taking this planet to the cleaners. I’d like to believe that most of us care but I also know that for many of us, as long as we are in comfort and not affected, the need to fix things is at best thought about. Maybe I’m being a cynic, maybe it’s just me. But … Continue reading Earth Day 2018

Is This the End Of The YouTuber?

There is no doubt that YouTube is a website that has been home to serious controversy. And, given the nature of this media-sharing site, it stands to reason that some controversy was all but guaranteed. But the most recent controversy has changed YouTube forever, perhaps even spelling the end for many YouTube channels. The instance … Continue reading Is This the End Of The YouTuber?

10 Most Watched Videos On YouTube

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that YouTube is basically the most visited website on the Internet. Appearing just a decade ago, and rocketing to incredible popularity in a short space of time, YouTube can all but be considered where a large percentage of people today get their daily entertainment. It’s as … Continue reading 10 Most Watched Videos On YouTube