Live Casino System Requirements

My personal time in a live casino was an anxious experience. I couldn’t relax, since I thought that, somehow, the stunningly attractive Brazilian croupier lady was always looking, and talking, directly at me. I was well aware that there were likely dozens, if not hundreds, of other people watching the stream, but still couldn’t shake … Continue reading Live Casino System Requirements

Modern Casino Security

I recall, some years ago, asking a cinema in a casino complex if they would charge my phone. They agreed. And, so, with very little else to occupy my time, I stood waiting, gazing up at the movie posters and trying to guess which ones were not a Michael Bay franchise reboot. Gradually, after some … Continue reading Modern Casino Security

Top Five Gambling Nations

International travel is an absolute must for anyone wishing to expand their horizons and learn more about other cultures and traditions. Sometimes the most interesting things we learn are the different ways in which nationalities go about their business. Gambling is just one example, and in this infographic, we look at some incredibly interesting facts … Continue reading Top Five Gambling Nations

Windows Tablets and Online Gaming

Windows is the most commonly used operating system in the world, which is no small achievement – especially given that when Windows 95 was first released, it was installed on fewer computers than the game Doom was installed on. Today, most computers use Windows, save for those operating on the Apple system. The vast majority … Continue reading Windows Tablets and Online Gaming