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New African Quest Slot Takes You To The Wild Side

Inclua a busca da África por recompensas ricas
Take the African Quest for rich rewards
Source: Microgaming

Have you always dreamed of travelling to Africa and exploring its great plains, seeing its majestic wildlife at the same time? From 21 January 2020, you’ll be able to do just that without leaving the comfort of your own home! That’s when the online pokies selection at Mummys Gold Casino is getting an exciting new addition, African Quest.

The 5 reel, 4 row game is the latest collaboration between Microgaming and Triple Edge Studios, and brings the industry legend’s experience together with the fledgling developer’s innovation. The result is a truly exceptional game that is as gorgeous to look at as it is rewarding to play.

Your Own Personal Safari

The magnificent fauna and flora of Africa are perfectly represented in African Quest’s graphics. The high-value icons are beautiful renditions of giraffes, elephants, zebras, rhinos and lions. The 9 to A symbols, in a vibrant font, are used for lower-value icons.

The background to the reels themselves is a Savannah scene at sunset, while the Wild Symbol is represented by a vivid sunrise. The Scatter is a golden coin, depicting a relief map of Africa and giving you some idea of the riches you could win.

Wild Ways to Win

The affordable betting range in African Quest ranges from from 0.1 to 15.00 per spin, and the maximum jackpot is a dazzling 168,00 coins. With a theoretical Return to Player percentage and hit Rate of 96.02%, you could very well win the top prize or any of the other exciting payouts in this ultra-high-volatility thrill ride.

Let the compass of gold guide your quest
Source: Microgaming

The other reason you’re likely to win with this slot is the incredible Ways to Win pay structure that is used instead of conventional paylines. The icons don’t need to land in specific reel positions; as long as they are in a specific order along consecutive reels, they can be in any row. That means that on every round you have no less than 1024 Ways to Win!

The Hyperspins feature boosts your chances of a payout even more. After every round in the base game, you can choose to pay to respin 1 reel. You can choose the reel you want to respin and can activate the feature as many times as you like; the only rule is that you can’t respin more than 1 reel at a time. With the Hyperspins option, the Return to Player percentage climbs even higher to 96.52%.

More Adventures with Special Features

As with any Microgaming or Triple Edge Studios slot, just when you thought the gameplay couldn’t get any better – it does. Remember the Wild and Scatter Symbols we mentioned earlier? They appear regularly to make all your spins more exciting and, ultimately, more lucrative too.

The Wild can replace any other icon except the Scatter, helping to create more winning patterns on the reels. The Scatter is so special it makes sense that it can’t be substituted by the Wild; when 3 or more land on the screen at the same time a bonus round is triggered.

Free Spins await you
Source: Microgaming

During the free spins, African Quest puts the power in your hands and allows you to choose between 3 different combinations of free spin and Wild multiplier amounts. With more free spins come less impressive multipliers applied to any Wilds that land, and vice versa.

Lock Your Luck at Mummys Gold Casino

Lock A Luck
Lock A Luck
Source: Microgaming

What makes you feel lucky? Wearing or carrying a lucky charm? Throwing salt over your shoulder or finding a 4-leaf clover? Or perhaps just playing some luck-themed slots is enough to make you feel like you can conquer the world! If you are the kind of player who loves a side of good fortune with your online slots, our upcoming Lock a Luck slot launch will be right up your alley.

Microgaming and All41 Studios have teamed up once more to bring you wonderful wining opportunities in Lock a Luck. Landing at Mummys Gold online casino on November 12, 2019, the new game will definitely put some pep in your step as you spin to win sensational jackpots.

Nostalgia Meets Innovation

There are a few slots themes out there that appeal to players of all ages and levels of skill. The classic slot machine theme is one of them. Our 2 developers have borne this in mind when creating Lock a Luck – a slot packed with classic reel symbols that you might expect to find on a vintage fruit machine game.

All41 has paired this timeless feature with some magnificent modern bonus mechanics, which amp up your winning potential and help you to grab your luck by the tail. All of this is wrapped up in a beautifully designed game filled with colourful icons, jaw-dropping animations, and endless chances to enhance your bankroll!

Jazz Up Your Entertainment

Now for the juicy details! Lock a Luck will offer action across a 5×3 grid with 243 Ways To Win. The ways to win are Microgaming’s answer to traditional paylines, and allow you to match more wins without them having to appear on reel 1 to count. Looking at the game, you will immediately think of a buzzing casino floor filled with players looking to get lucky themselves. There’s a jazzy soundtrack playing to set the mood for a night of fun, and that is exactly what you can expect.

Lock A Luck casino game
Source: Microgaming

The reel grid spins against a navy, blue and purple background that is as simple as it is stylish. All your attention will be on the symbols thereon, which include red and gold 7s, golden horseshoes, 4-leaf clovers, pairs of juicy cherries and sparkling diamonds. There are also playing card icons to provide more modest prizes. Look out for the precious gems in particular, as they award generous wins of up to 120.00 if you can land 5 on a winning line!

Win with Awesome Bonus Rounds

There is no better pairing than lucky symbols and fantastic bonus features. Lock a Luck is packed with popular bonus mechanics, including free spins, stacked base symbols, and locked reels that can transform the whole grid into a single stack of lucrative symbols. With every spin, 2 random reels will become locked, and have the ability to do the same to other adjacent reels as well. Locked reels will then become covered in identical, higher paying symbols, which can lead to some breath taking wins in an instant.

You may think that such great winning potential would be pricey, but that is not the case here. Lock a Luck can be played from just 0.20 per spin, although high rollers will love its max bet of 60.00 per spin. This jazzy Vegas-inspired casino game boasts a fortune-filled RTP of 96.37%, along with a generous hit rate of 27.74% to help you win. All you need to do is get playing on November 12 and lusciously lucky prizes could be yours!

Join Us to Boost Your Luck

There’s no better way to get lucky at your favourite online casino than by playing Lock a Luck from All41 and Microgaming. Launching soon for desktop and mobile platforms, you can invoke Lady Luck any time you like by playing at our trusted Mummys Gold online and mobile casinos. Choose endless thrills and classic fun this November by playing exciting online slots with us! Our industry leading bonuses will ensure that your luck is here to stay.

Adventure Awaits in Relic Seekers Slot

Relic Seekers
Source: Microgaming

Everyone remembers the adventures of Indiana Jones, or his female counterpart, Lara Croft. But none of us can go on such epic quests, since they are purely the stuff of fiction.

Or are they?

Now, you can be part of the tomb-exploring fun with a group of interesting friends in the new Relic Seekers online slot. This new release is set to go live at Mummys Gold online casino on August the 14th, and you’re invited to take part in the excitement. Of course, tomb exploring would be nothing without the rewards, which is why Relic Seekers rewards your dangerous journey with jackpots galore, and enough gold to build a house out of.

A Pulse 8 Microgaming Collab

Relic Seekers is a product of Pulse 8 Studios in a collaborative effort with industry legends Microgaming. Microgaming are award winning, with each of their titles renowned for being of highest quality. Pulse 8 are a newer studio, but have already made waves with their impressive debut efforts. In their portfolio are Badminton Hero and Fortune Girls, but Relic Seekers is the game they hope to make a name with.

From the looks of it, the game will certainly be just that; a groundbreaking achievement for the talented developers. A fine eye for art is what sets them apart, which is combined in Relic Seekers with a built-in, unfolding narrative experience. A combination that is sure to grip players and keep them coming back for more.

Relic Seekers
Source: Microgaming

Meet Your New Friends

It was mentioned that Relic Seekers tells a story, and no story would be complete without a cast of characters. This is where the game shines. At its core, Relic Seekers tells the tale of three plucky heroes who venture into the Dragon’s Vein tomb. These heroes are a scientist named Professor Morgan, a young lady with shocking pink hair named Nora, and a tough no-nonsense adventurer named Free Man. A pooch named Tortas, who is more than just a furry companion, joins them. He helps out, and happens to be a valuable ally.

But the Dragon’s Vein tomb is a dangerous place. It is riddled with traps, and threatens to quickly take the lives of those who aren’t paying attention. But for those brave and smart enough to overcome the obstacles, massive rewards are waiting. Good luck!

Slots Specifications

Pulse 8 have outlined the specifications of the game, so that you know exactly what you’re facing when you take up the adventurers mantle. Relic Seekers works on a 3 row, 5-reel system, with 25 fixed paylines. The game is very high volatility, with a 96.03% return to player ratio. The hit frequency is 30.17%, making Relic Seekers a fast paced slots experience. In terms of betting, the minimum amount accepted is 0.25, and the maximum 500.00 coins per spin.

As with most slots, gameplay is based around matching symbols. In this case, the character’s faces act as symbols, along with various mysterious coloured icons. When symbols match on the reels, they grant a payout according to that symbol’s stated value. But now, add Wilds and Scatters to the mix, and things take an interesting turn.

A Wild, shown in the game as a hand lamp, will substitute for any other symbol, allowing it to match and create additional payouts. The Scatter symbol, Tortas the Alsatian, triggers special bonuses when activated. Needless to say; the bonuses are the quickest way to get your pockets weighed down with treasure.

Relic Seekers
Source: Microgaming

A Closer Look at the Bonuses

Take a look at the bonus features that make Relic Seekers stand out, and turn your tomb exploring into the adventure of a lifetime. The key features are:

  • Collect Key
  • Free Spins
  • Free Spins Retrigger
  • Rolling Reels™
  • Symbol Turn Wild

Rolling Reels™ is a Microgaming creation. In traditional slots, matched symbols simply stay on the reels after being matched. But with Rolling Reels™ matched symbols disappear, allowing those above to fall into the empty space. This allows for multiple wins on a single spin, meaning more money in your pocket.

The Symbol Turn Wild feature is what puts Relic Seekers head and shoulders above the rest. It triggers with consecutive wins, which fits in nicely with the Rolling Reels™. Each time a consecutive win is achieved, character faces turn into Wilds on the reels, resulting in even more wins. The chain effect is not only impressive visually, but also impressive for your bank account.

Free Spins are awarded when Scatters, the Alsatian Tortas, are matched 3, 4, or 5 times. This can result in up to 10 free spins. Additionally, the FREE SPINS can be retriggered, if further Scatter matches are achieved during the free spins.

Finally we have Collect Keys. This, very simply, grants the player 2 free spins if the Key symbol lands anywhere on the reels.

Join In The Fun

Head on down to Mummys Gold, create an account if you don’t already have one, and explore the Dragon’s Vein tomb as part of the team. You won’t want to miss out on this adventure of a lifetime.

The Dazzling Days of Disco!

Source: Microgaming

Picture the scene: the strobe lights are flashing, the glitter ball shimmers overhead and the speakers are blaring with the sounds that dominated the era. You’re transported to the heyday of the disco movement, when life was all about showstopping glamour, killer dance moves and larger-than-life characters. The stars of this scene? The Village People®, who captured hearts and imaginations with their trademark image and indelible hooks, leaving a legacy of hits that still ushers people to the floor today.

The glory days of disco may seem like a thing of the past, but they’re roaring back to life with the new Village People® Macho Moves slot game. Set across six reels of action, this stylish casino classic features fully animated figures of the iconic band members themselves – the construction worker, cowboy, cop, Native American, biker and sailor – and five of their most beloved hits. Spin the reel and try to match the colourful symbols, all while your toe taps and your body grooves to the sounds that defined an era. Created by Fortune Factory Studios and Microgaming, the game is set for release on 25 June 2019, so get ready to step back in time and relive the glorious heights of disco domination!

The Village People® Know How to Get Wild!

When the lights kick in and the smoke begins to billow from the machines, the disco dancefloor becomes a place where inhibitions are not welcome. That’s because disco is the perfect music for leaving troubles behind and letting your wild side take over. That’s where Village People® Macho Moves’ incredible wild system comes into play.

If you land a VP Wild symbol on a reel, each of the other positions on that reel will also be filled with a wild symbol. Furthermore, each reel features a specific Village People® member overhead, with a meter at their feet. When you land a VP Wild symbol, the meter above that reel will be awarded one VP Wild Token. Fill the meter and you will receive a special Wild bonus, which varies depending on the character who receives it. Better yet, you’ll also receive five free spins That means you can enjoy six unique ways to boost your winnings and boogie your way to the jackpot, without spending a cent of your hard-earned money!

Getting to Know the Village People®

What set the Village People® apart from their contemporaries was their unique image, with six distinct characters who became instantly recognisable. Each had their own persona and their own individual appeal, so it’s to be expected that Village People® Macho Moves finds each of our favourites adopting a different way to play.

When you fill the meter on the first reel, you’ll unlock the construction worker’s Macho Move. This will award you with free spins and a random multiplier, so you can earn between 2x and 20x your winnings without spending a cent from your prize pot! The second reel belongs to the cowboy. Activate his Macho Move and he’ll lasso up between two and twelve wild symbols, which will be randomly placed on the reels before each spin. Who knows? These might just lead to more free spins, further bonuses or even the chance to win the game’s jackpot prize!

Reel three is the cop’s beat and he patrols it by placing between two and four wild reels randomly before each spin. The Native American is also mad for wild reels; fill the meter on reel four and the fifth and sixth reels will be replaced with a wild reel. As your spins progress, these reels will shimmy one reel to the left each time, partying their way across the board and potentially paying out major cash.

The biker roars onto the fifth reel and replaces all low-value symbols with a single high-paying alternative. A win when this is activated can drastically increase your pay-out, all without ever parting with your winnings. The sailor drops anchor on the sixth and final reel; when his Macho Move comes into play, one to three wild symbols are randomly placed prior to each spin and remain locked in place until your free wins expire.

These bonuses each come with major benefits, allowing strategic players to maximise their winnings, minimise their risk and put their skills and luck to the test. Moreover, they let you discover the personalities of each member of the band and play a central role yourself – who knows? There might just be room for a seventh member!

Get Your Dancing Shoes On!

Village People® Macho Moves brings five classic hits – Go West, YMCA, Macho Man, In the Navy and Can’t Stop the Music – and a host of personalised features to the world of online casino slot scene is ready for a disco takeover, so log in or create an account and prepare to dance your days and nights away!

Where Slot Games Are A Royal Affair!

Source: Microgaming

The glitz and glamour of a high-end casino is now a tap of a button away, thanks to the release of Ruby – Casino Queen. This online casino game is not just about high rollers and risk-takers though; it’s a game designed for the crème-de-la-crème of the society set and you’re on the guest list. Fire up your phone and you’ll be transported to a Monaco-style setting, complete with smooth-as-silk felt-top tables and colourful chips, all without getting off the couch. Even better, while the trip to Monaco might not be real, the winnings are, so you can vie for amazing jackpots that might see you joining the jet set after all.

Taking everything you love about classic online slot games – think intuitive game play, eye-catching colours and an addictive soundtrack for starters – Ruby – Casino Queen adds new features that entice novices and pros alike. From free spins to second tries, there’s a whole host of features standing by to introduce you to the lavish world of high-class casinos. The game is the brainchild of Just for the Win studios and went live on the 12th of June 2019.

A Stylish Setting for Regal Players

Thanks to the splendour of this online casino is closer to the high life of the Monaco monarchs than ever before. The purple velvet backdrop sets the scene, immediately transporting you to a world of high stakes and big jackpots. All eyes are on the reels, where your luck will be tested and fortunes will be made. Diamonds, spades, clubs, hearts, golden 7 symbols and the Ruby Queen flash across and fall in line, making and breaking the hopes of the game’s greatest players. Do you have what it takes to hold your nerve and conquer the casino? Only time will tell!

Climbing the Ranks

Ruby – Casino Queen is a five-reel slot game with three rows and twenty paylines. The latter are read from left to right, so winning is as simple as matching three successive symbols along a single reel. Sounds easy, right? Bets can vary in size, but winnings can be accrued up to 6,411x what you put in, for a maximum jackpot of 3,205.50. Talk about a prize pot fit for a queen, or even the Ruby Queen herself!

Prepare Yourself for a Wild Ride

Ruby – Casino Queen features three distinct wild symbols: the Regular Wild, the Sticky Wild and the Multiplier Sticky Wild. The former is only available in the game’s base mode; they replace any symbol except for the Free Spin icon.

When the Free Spin feature is activated, the Sticky Wild and the Multiplier Sticky Wild come into play. A Multiplier Sticky Wild is automatically placed on Reel 3 and remains there throughout the free game. Further Sticky Wilds may drop into frame and will also remain in place. Get really lucky and you might also land some Multiplier Sticky Wilds; each of these will increase the total of the multiplier by one, up to a maximum of six. This drastically increases the pot on offer and can mean huge winnings, so it’s worth capitalising on your free spins. Hit the jackpot and you’ll be queen for a day!

The Ruby – Casino Queen Shows Her Benevolent Side

The Ruby – Casino Queen is a fair and just ruler and all of her subjects are treated to her benevolence from time to time. In this casino, that means Free Spins and Re-Spins.

If you rack up three consecutive free spin symbols on a reel, you’ll be granted nine free spins, with the third reel becoming a Multiplier Sticky Wild. In this mode, the multiplier will be instantly set to 2x, with the possibility of increasing it up to 6x through the addition of further Multiplier Sticky Wilds. This means you’ll be able to win greater sums of money per payline, without actually spending any of your winnings to date. If you can max out your multiplier and rack up Multiplier Sticky Wilds, you can win up to 2,400x your initial bet. Not bad for a day’s work, right?

It can be frustrating to land two Free Spin symbols, but still be that one short of a bonus. Thankfully, the Ruby – Casino Queen feels your pain and offers players the chance to Re-Spin. This allows you to spin the one non-Free Spin symbol again; if you can land the final icon you need on this turn, your Free Spins will be activated. If not, the game will proceed as normal. You certainly can’t say the Queen isn’t generous with her subjects!

A Casino Coronation

This crowning achievement in online casino play is opening for business, so log in or create an account and get ready to join the royal ranks. Her Majesty is awaiting your arrival!

Take A Step Back In Time!

Update: As of 20 June 2019, the online slot game Our Days, will not be available to play on Mummys Gold Online Casino

Source: Microgaming

The quirky style and high-end graphics of Japanese anime are given a global makeover with Our Days, a slot game that revolves around one of the world’s most universal experiences: first love. Flash back to the innocence of those moments – the shy glances, fleeting looks and nervous butterflies – and join Joy, Nana, Lolita, Amber and Juliet as they struggle through the pangs of adolescence and tribulations of growing up. This all takes place against the backdrop of a mile-a-minute slot game that allows you to nab great jackpots and navigate through the milestones in the lives in these incredible young women.

A cutting-edge game that is unlike any other online casino has to offer, Our Days comes to life through its unique take on classic anime graphics. The bright colours and effortlessly catchy soundtrack capture this hugely iconic art style, while the down-to-earth storyline and relatable characters lend it boundless appeal. Crafted by Microgaming, this unique take on the world of slots will be available from the 19th of June 2019. Are you ready for the romance to begin?

A Modern Take on Nostalgic Visuals

Looking back, memories from our youth are always the clearest – long summer days with our friends, holidays with our families, school trips and outings, and more. There’s a magic to the past and Our Days captures that magic in a bottle (or a slot game!). We start with our five central characters, whose distinct personalities are immediately clear: sporty or studious, rebellious or shy, each of them is a new friend to discover and fall in love with. The girls pay out varying sums of money depending on their colour: match three red girls for ninety coins, three yellow or purple girls for seventy-five or three green or blue for sixty.

The rest of the symbols also capture the feeling of hazy school days surrounded by classmates and friends, and that special someone who has caught your eye. Jars of star-shaped sweets and bento boxes full of sushi are worth forty-two coins, while a crochet scarf and locked diary can net you thirty-six. The former makes an ideal gift for your secret love, while the latter hides your innermost thoughts and feelings. Finally, a carefully written love letter can be cashed out for thirty coins. Rack up three of any of these symbols in a row and you’ll be walking away with big winnings, and maybe the heart of your paramour.

The Prize Your Heart Desires

Our Days takes the form of a classic five-reel slot game, with three rows and 243 ways to win. The reels are read from left to right, with three matching symbols in this order amounting to a pay-out; the amount received depends on the symbols matched. Betting big can result in big wins, but the real aim of most players will be the grand jackpot: winning 90,000 coins is a pretty unforgettable experience, yet another memory to add to the ever-growing list. With the joys and triumphs of first love on the horizon, and a sizeable jackpot in your pocket, there’s plenty to wax nostalgic over in this one-of-a-kind slot game.

Bonus Features to Fall Head Over Heels for

There’s a learning curve to everything; looking back at those tentative moments when we fell in love for the first time, it’s easy to notice all the things we wish we’d known. Practice and experience, though, are the solution, which is something that Our Days takes into account.

When scatter symbols fall into your reels, they can have a profound effect on the way you play. If three of them line up, you’ll be granted eight free spins, which give you the chance to spin again without risking your prize pot to date. This is a fantastic opportunity for new players to build their familiarity with the game, without having to take too many risks. For experienced players, it’s a chance to win some extra cash and maintain your winnings to date. That’s not the end though. If you’re lucky enough to get four scatters on the reel, then you’ll receive ten free spins instead. Strike it really lucky and fill all five reels with scatters and you’ll have twelve free spins to master your skills and plump up your jackpot. Before you know it, you’ll be hanging with the pros and leaving those awkward stumbles in the past!

You Always Remember Your First Love

The heady intoxication of nostalgia is a powerful drug, but Our Days doesn’t dwell entirely in the past. Log in or create an account and you can discover a contemporary take on an age-old experience – the trials, tribulations and triumphs of first love!

Welcome To Le Kaffee Bar!

Le Kaffee Bar

Le Kaffee Bar
Source: Microgaming

Your morning coffee break just got a whole lot more exciting, thanks to the arrival of a brand-new online slot game. Step inside Le Kaffee Bar, a trendy coffee shop that serves up your favourite blends and 243 ways to win big. The game is populated by three characters – a boy, a girl and the barista – and also features symbols depicting cupcakes, a jug and chalk signs reading A, K, Q, J, 10 and 9. The goal is simple: line them up and collect your winnings.

Designed by Microgaming, Le Kaffee Bar seamlessly captures the look and vibe of your local coffee shop, with a catchy soundtrack and familiar faces to complement the experience. Whether young or old, experienced or amateur, everyone is welcome at this local hangout; a wealth of special features allows expert slots players to hone their strategies, while the intuitive free spin system helps first-time guests to hone their skills. Le Kaffee Bar is expected to open on the 5th of June 2019.

Coffee Isn’t the Only Thing Heating Up

Don’t let the laid-back vibe of Le Kaffee Bar fool you: the patrons mean business and they’re here to win big! This five-reel slot game has a number of features that up the ante and open up the possibility of major winnings, including free spins and a multiplier mode. If the stars align, you could walk away with a total jackpot of £85,000, but to do this, you’ll need skill, strategy and luck on your side. Still, the reward speaks for itself – not bad for one coffee break, right?

A Loyalty Scheme with a Difference

Many coffee shops offer a tempting incentive scheme, allowing you to collect stamps in exchange for a free cup of your favourite blend. We all know the excitement of presenting our card and receiving that complimentary cuppa, but Le Kaffee Bar goes a little further with its loyalty reward.

Scatters can appear on the first or fifth reel of the slots; when they do, they are added as an image of a coffee cup to your Cup Meter, which gradually builds as you play. Once you’ve racked up ten coffee cups, you’ll be given the option of converting these into ten free spins. You can cash in or continue to build your meter and opt for more free spins in the future. Collect twenty cups and you’ll receive fifteen free spins, while thirty cups can be traded for eighteen spins. The free spins are automatically triggered once thirty coffee cup symbols have been accrued.

These free spins play out at the average bet level and give you the chance to increase your prize pot without risking your winnings to date. This can be a great way for novice players to build experience, and for experienced players to put their strategy skills to the test!

Multiplying Your Order

The free spins incentive scheme also offers players a chance to boost their winnings like never before, thanks to the multiplier effect. If you’ve chosen to cash your ten cups in for ten spins, your winnings will be subjected to a 3x multiplier. Similarly, if you opt to trade twenty cups for fifteen spins, these will be multiplied by 4x, while the eighteen free spins you receive in exchange for thirty cups are subject to a 5x multiplier.

These winnings quickly rack up, so you’ll not only enjoy consequence-free spins, but you’ll receive greater prizes for them. It’s up to you to decide what strategy to adopt; save your cups for bigger multipliers, or cash them in for instant chances to win. Like ordering your favourite cup, it’s all a matter of taste!

One Cup Is Never Enough

Sometimes everything just lines up and, when it does, Le Kaffee Bar is quick to reward its customers. If you match three identical symbols vertically or horizontally, you’ll activate the Spin Again bonus. In this case, the middle symbol will be replaced by a Wild, which will remain on the screen for the subsequent spin, which is free.
A Spin Again turn can trigger another of its kind or result in winnings or a free spin. If you activate your Spin Again during a free spin, the multiplier from the initial spin is still valid for the next round.

Ready to Cash In?

Thanks to the opening of this coffee bar/online casino, Ireland’s coffee culture is richer than ever. All that’s left for you to do is create an account or log in to experience its heady brew, warm ambiance and thrill-a-minute excitement for yourself!

Moby Dick Slots: Adventure On the High Seas

Moby Dick online slotCaptain Ahab sails again! Thanks to Rabcat, online slots players have the chance to be called Ishmael in the story of the obsessive mariner’s pursuit of his nemesis, Moby Dick, and to enjoy action and adventure on the high seas.

I’ve been a fan of the story by Herman Melville since childhood, and could not resist climbing aboard the creaking old Pequod for a chance to see the menacing sea creature for myself. I’m glad I did, because I was not disappointed. The only down-side to playing it was that, afterwards, I had to get my land-legs again.

Old Story, Fresh New Look

Rockwell Kent’s illustrations, which peppered the 1930 edition published by Lakeside Press, capture the brooding, often turbulent mood of the story. After all, the grand, ungodly, god-like Ahab had lost half a leg to Moby Dick, and took a multicultural crew on an ill-fated voyage halfway around the world to seek vengeance on the whale. It’s not quite Judy Garland singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow, is it?

Rabcat has taken a slightly different approach to Kent. Well, not quite slightly. It is very different, but it works. The cartoonish graphics and great animations inject a sense of fun into the tragic tale, setting the scene for some great online slots action. The 5 reels, which have 25 lines across them, pop with colour.

I saw not only Moby Dick and Ahab, but an anchor, a tankard filled with grog, and Ace through 10 playing cards also as the regular symbols. The bonus symbols include the ship’s wheel and the inside of the whale’s mouth.

At Mummys Gold casino you can take to the high seas in Moby Dick Online Video Slots, a game with a great balance of fun, thrills and adventure, not to mention winning possibilities too.

Moby Dick slot

Uncomplicated Gaming Action

There is a whole lot happening in these online slots powered by the Austria-based provider, but, at the heart of it, the action is as I expected. The audio and the visuals are on par with many video games, but when it comes to gameplay, it is pure video slot machine.

I could select the value of the coins, and I could choose to put between 0.25 and 25 coins on each payline. That taken care of, I could get on with spinning the reels to see what transpired.

Adventure? You’ve Got It

There is no shortage of action in the story of Moby Dick, and I can say the same for the online slots powered by Rabcat. The reels gave me what I expected, and so much more.

The ship’s wheel Wild is pretty standard, as far as Wilds go. It can substitute for all other symbols except the bonus ones. However, the Freezing Wins feature is a sight to behold. Whenever I landed a win, those lucky symbols remained frozen in place while all the other symbols spun again – and if more winning combinations landed, it happened again. It gave me the chance to enjoy a whole lot more action without having to lift so much as a finger (or harpoon).

When several of the Moby Dick mouth Scatters landed in view, I looked down at my legs and wondered if I was going to need to start looking around for a whalebone prosthesis. Thankfully, those close encounters didn’t turn me into the next mad mariner. Instead, I was given access to the online slots Free Spins round, in which all symbols are used. It turns out that landing 4 Scatters awards 10 Free Spins, while 5 awards 12, 6 give you 15, and 7 or more awards 20.

All said and done, I loved playing Rabcat’s take on the classic story. It swapped out the doom and gloom for a bit of humour and great features, and it has paid off, in more ways than one!