Why Free Casino Games are Great

Free play mobile casino games are just like free play games on your desktop.

You are given a fixed amount of free credits in a slot or table game that you can play with until your budget runs out.

The funds you win is also in the virtual currency and not real currency. Free to play games are a great way to advertise the games available at a casino and also a great way to let players learn new games or simply have some risk free fun.

Impossible To Lose Gaming

Free play games are a great way to set up a gaming budget.

You can use the virtual currency as a measure of what you should set aside for your gaming each month.

You technically don’t lose so there is no risk attached to playing in free play mode.

Learn To Play New Games

The main function of free play games is to learn the rules of the particular game. This is ideal for new table games that you may not be familiar with like Sic Bo or Baccarat.

Free play mode really shines for me personally when it comes to slot games. Modern slot games have many different modes and bonus sections and free play mode is a great way to familiarise yourself with them.

It is also great to check the volatility of particular slots so that you know which games you should play more.

Test And Master Strategies

Free play mobile games are also a great way to test out basic strategies, or if you have to, betting strategies.

If you for instance wish to be a blackjack pro, combining basic blackjack strategy and freeplay mode practice sessions is the best way to master the game.

The Wins Do Not Count

There are of course disadvantages to free play mode. In fact, there is only one disadvantage to free play casino games. That is of course FOMO, or Fear Of Missing Out.

Each and every big win you make in free play mode will instantly fill you with regret. What might have been will always haunt you when you walk away with 10 000 in free currency.

Get Gaming Now

Free play mobile casino games are a great addition to online casinos. They encourage new players and help out existing players.

Try some free to play games at Mummys Gold and learn a new game today.